Thursday, August 31, 2006

Please note this page contains sexually explict language and sitution and is not intended for those under 18 or those who may be offended.
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In case you were wondering, G doesn't read my blog. As you can tell ,as you see some slight differences in our written memories. Any comments I add are in italics.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

E-mail from 8-31

Well hello there my sassy sex slave!! To tell you the truth, I was really looking forward towards last night's encounter which I had been scheming/planning all day.
As I was arranging the bedroom ie: blankets and sheets tossed aside, toys cleaned, picking out what I want you to wear etc. I found your little white cotton outfit.
You know the one that can barely hold your big tits, in reality most of your huge hangers were spilling out! The one that ends at the top of your now, oh so smooth and bald pussy. (Which is another hot tale for another day!!!) Picking out your new pink and white striped panties, I knew I was going to be able to see your fantastic round
ass and your now slick, always soaked box as you walked around swallowing your second favorite As I went to lay out your skimpy outfit on the bed, I noticed a big long rip on the right side, this was perfect for what I had planned for you. As the night wore on my anxiety and cock grew steadily. Fucking you so much lately has forged my cock into a perpetual semi boner but last night it was feeling especially fat and full. Ordering you up to bed, with all the lights off, and telling you to pretend to be asleep when I come up. Letting your emotions build, I intentionally waited a good 5-7 minutes before quietly racing up the stairs. Seeing you lying there all vulnerable and innocent got my dong going!! Creeping up behind you I grabbed your throat with one hand and covered your mouth with the other. Whispering harshly in your ear I said," Don't make a sound, do exactly as I command and I will not hurt you." Your whole body went ridged! I slipped a black eye mask on you and told you to start rubbing you pussy over your little tight undies. Make those panties soaking wet from your dripping cunt juices, I commanded. You worked your hot box to a fevered pitch and soon I could see your panties change to a darker color! They were soaked and I mean really soaked!!. As I was watching you work your pussy, My hands seemed to have found your swelled breasts. I was squeezing and trying to pull on those rock hard nipples but your attire was prohibiting me from gaining full access. Not for long. Grabbing the thin tear I starting ripping your teddie to shreds! Out pop your tits and in pops my hard cock. Right down your throat! I hold your head and throat while pushing my engorged member all the way in. You take it all and my cum filled balls dangle over your chin. I rip my cock out and you gasp for air.
I let you have one gulp then drove my prick home again. This time I start fucking your red lipped mouth. In and out, faster and faster. All the while your panties getting wetter and wetter. I begin to smell your over heated pussy. Pulling my saliva covered cock from your mouth, I spank your face and tits with my stiff meat. It was time for the panties to come off!! Reaching around your killer ass I slowly inch your panties off and boy are they soaked. Just what I wanted! Telling you to sit up and pull on your nipples, I take your panties and put them over your head, carefully making sure the wettest part goes into your mouth. "Suck on your pussy juices while I do the same," I croaked. Laying you back down I quickly positioned myself between your silky smooth thighs. My face inches from your gleaming bald fuck hole. Placing your legs on my shoulders and driving them up and out, your pussy lunges forward into my eagerly awaiting mouth. My tongue finds its mark and I begin to lap up the same juices you are sucking on!! Peeling back your hairless smooth lips, I find the little man in the boat. (thank goodness he's in a boat or he would have drowned!!) As your hips buck and your ass squirms, my hold on your legs is vice like and you can not escape. Your muffled moans turn to heavy gasps as you try and suck air through your pussy soaked panties. Your hips shudder as you convulse with a thunderous orgasm. A blast of thick cum engulfs my mouth and face. I drink it up. Sliding up your body, I ram my cum caked tongue into your panty stuffed mouth tongues find each other. I make you suck mine. Grabbing your ass I flip you over. "Get that ass in the air and keep it there!! I say as I've positioned myself between your legs,my pulsating cock only inches from your steaming count. Finding the panties at the back of you neck, (the really drenched side still in your mouth) I grab a hold of them and pull tight. Your head comes up as I thrust my enraged cock deep inside you. You scream with delight!! I spread your cheeks wide and continue my assault on your spoiled little pussy. Wave after wave rocks your world as you cum again and again.
With an almost eerie rythem I spank you ass cheeks to my own pleasure romp. Letting you slump to the bed, I give you little time before I'm dragging you to the edge of the bed where I dump you over and onto the floor. "You're not done yet little girl. Sit up and take my pussy soaked cock in you mouth." Spitting the panties out you quickly grab my cock and stuff it in your mouth. I fuck you face slow then fast, never pulling it out. I wildly pull my cock from your mouth and unleash an incredible load of cum all over your face, lips dripping, chin covered, some splattered on your tits. You Looking up and me looking down, a breath and twinkle and you now what that means.......

See you tonight!!! I can't wait!!!
Love M (G signs his e-mails as M for master)

Married with Sex version of this whole day

G has promised to try and finish the story of the day is he has time :)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

E-mail from 8-25

Salutations my insatiable Sex Slave, Parts of last night were pretty incredible, like watching you force that big, long ribbed dildo into your tight asshole. Seeing you pull your ass checks wider and wider so you could gain access to your most virgin like hole, all the while my cock growing stiffer and hotter. Your little moans of pain being stifled by your own pussy soaked panties I made you jam in your mouth. And soaked they were! Watching you greedily suck the cunt juice out of your panties and fucking yourself in the ass with a big dildo had my cock at full attention!!! Rock hard I needed to replace those panties with my more than ready prick. Pulling your panties from your mouth I plunged my cock down your throat. All the while telling you " deeper! put that fucking dildo all the way in!" As I'm fucking your mouth, your bright red lips start to clamp down around my cock with vacuum like suction. With one hand clenched in your hair and another around your throat, I drive my enflamed cock deeper and faster down your throat. Your hands are busy, one fucking your ass and the other rubbing your wet cunt. Before I blow my hot load down your throat
I needed to fuck that hot, juicy pussy!! Flipping you over, with your ass still full, I spank that fine, round ass making you cry out. My cock is on fire as I enter your swollen pussy!! You begin to thrust your hips at my cock, a message from your body I can read so well.. FUCK ME HARD AND DEEP!! I eagerly consented. With one hand on the dildo stuffed in your ass and the other groping your ass cheeks, I pounded that pussy till you exploded 3 times!! It took all my will power not to do the same, but I had other intentions. While on your second orgasm you had already swung a hand around and ripped the long dong out of you ass. I new you wanted me to fuck you in ass and you even begged for it, but like I said I had a different plan. Without any warning I rammed my glistening hard cock right into your slightly lubed ass. The searing pain was even too much for you to take. You shot off my cock screaming from the pain. I gave you a moment then forced you down on your back and stuffed a pillow under your head and my cock was headed for your mouth again. I got you to suck on it just before I exploded hot cum all over your pretty face. Thinking of your red lips coated with my cum is making my cock hard again. Tonight I am going to create a comfortable place for you to sit with your mouth about 30 inches from the ground. Yes, that's right, my cock height! I think I need to hand cuff your hands behind your back when I decide to fuck your mouth. I want to see a dildo in each hole while I fuck your pretty face. I can't wait to fuck your hot cunt with your ass in the air. Dildo sticking out and your ass cheeks all red from the spanking you are going to receive. I think I will put you over my knee and give you the proper spanking your awesome ass so richly deserves!! Maybe a ball gag while I spank you, just so I can hear your muffled screams!! I can't wait to take you tonight!! So be a good little sex slave and do what Master says!!! See you tonight and be prepared to be used!! I have many things I want and will do to you tonight!!!!!


Married with Sexes version here

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

E-mail from 8-24

Well hello my gorgeous sex slave. My body and mind are having sexual withdrawals. Just being away from you for more that a couple hours is all it takes for my mind to start projecting the wildest & nastiest images of you. Just the mere thought of you wiggling your naked round ass in the air gets my cock jump started. Of course from there my growing cock and over active mind start working as one. My thoughts have turned completely onto the things I want and will do to you.Having gotten you in the proper frame of mind, with the house all to ourselves, (kids in bed hours ago) I stare down at your smoking hot body that you have sexually wrapped up in a very slutty way. Your lips are redder than ever, your huge tits with their rock like nipples are standing at full attention and attention they will soon get. The hunger in your eyes is evident as you see the lustful expression on my face as well as the growing bulge between my legs. As you lay upon the bed, my hands are already on the prowl. I find your big tits and squeeze them. I pull one out and suck on the already erect nipple. I suck and suck till I hear the first on many moans escape your mouth. Your cunt is soaked and I haven't even touched it!! I can smell your hot juices. My cock grows harder as the scent permeates my body. I rub and squeeze your cunt through your ever wetter panties. The very panties that will end up in your mouth to stifle the screams that are sure to follow. Having made you take you soaked panties off and stuff them in your own mouth, I produce your favorite ass toy. Your eyes grow wide as I command you to lube it up and stuff it in you ass. I sit back and watch as you slowly insert inch by inch of that dildo up your tight asshole. My cock is a rock and can't be held back too much longer. As your ass is getting filled I have removed your pussy soaked panties from you mouth and replaced them with my aching cock. You wrap your red lips around
my shaft and slowly start sucking pulling my cock deeper and deeper into your mouth. Your pussy is on fire by now and is in much needed attention. I pull my cock from your mouth, where it will return, but first your hot, steamy cunt needs a good fucking. I flip you over and glide my thick prick right in. I go all the way in and I hear a lustful, pleasure moan. I grab a hold of your ass toy and start to move it in and out to the rhythm of my cock fucking your over heated pussy. In moments I am thrusting harder and harder. You start to buck and scream. I feel your cum shoot all over my engorged cock. I keep pumping harder and harder. You unleash A second primal scream and stop. You body is quivering but I take no heed. I drag you onto the floor where I ram my pussy soaked cock into your mouth. Your lips are still fiery red and this makes my cock even harder. With your arms at your sides I fuck your hot little mouth until I am ready to explode. I pull out and shoot my hot load all down your open mouth and cover your pretty face too. I quickly put your legs in the air and slam my still ridged cock into your cunt. I fuck you fast and furious looking down on your cum soaked face. The bouncing of my violent love making makes the cum run down your chin. I take my hands and rub the cum all over your face and tits. You grab my fingers and stuff them in your mouth, licking and sucking my cum. You explode in an unexpected orgasm that curls your toes. I roll off you and there I see that oh so familiar smile creeping onto you face and you know what that means....

I can hardly stand the wait. See you and feel you soon!!!!
M (remember that G signs his e-mails M for Master)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

E-mail from 8-23-05

Hello my sexy love slave, my mind and body is so full of lust and desire that I am having trouble concentrating on anything besides your incredibly hot body.
Holding you strongly as you literally shake in my rough grasp, the heat of you body radiates through me sending everyone of my nerve endings on fire! Having you grind your wet and sticky pussy all over my face as I stretch my tongue as far as I can up inside your hot box, I gulp down as much of your love juices as I can get. Forcibly holding your neck and hair as I ram my hard cock down your throat, I watch as your eyes roll up into your head, your mouth (with those smoldering red lips) sucking, licking, working my thick, pulsating manhood to a frenzy!! And OH those tits!! I'm going to suck, lick, pull those taut nipples till I hear you scream with pain and pleasure!! Your ripe plump ass is in for a full evening of attention!!!! Seeing your forbidden tight love hole stretched to it's limits as I slowly force my eagerly awaiting cock inside. The soft and not so soft yelps of pain as I push farther and deeper into your ass. I can stand it no longer and start to pump faster and deeper. Your beginning moans now turn to slightly muffled screams as I hold onto you with all my might, ramming my inflamed cock still deeper into your tight ass. Finally you can take no more and I release you. Quickly grabbing your hair and face, I pump my cock with a thunderous fury unleashing a tremendous blast of cum which splatter your tongue and lips. As cum drips down you chin and onto your big tits, I lay you down on you back and precede to enter your still unsatisfied cunt. I quickly enter your hot cunt and fuck you deep and fast. You rocket to a quivering climax and a smile appears on your pretty cum covered face. I gasp, trying to catch my breath, and I see you with a raw, wicked gleam in your eye that can only mean one thing......

See you tonight my SLS

Monday, August 22, 2005

E-mail from 8-22-05

Well hello there my incredibly sexy slave, my cock is stiff and swollen just thinking about last night!! Seeing your tight ass assaulted while you gasp in pain/
pleasure convulsions. Ramming my hard cock in your steamy, wet, pussy feeling the other cock in your asshole drove me wild!! Fucking you madly and spanking that
fine round ass till it was red and sore sent me into ecstasy! I am going to look for the correct length of you ass toy so I can watch you sink it into your tight little hole, while I play with you big tits and pull on those huge, erect nipples. I want to hear you pant and moan with each inch disappearing into your forbidden hole. I suggest you find time for a quick nap. I am more than hungry. You have brought out an explosion of primal urges that demand to be satisfied. Just thinking about you flicking your tongue all around my engorged member right before I squirted hot cum all over your pretty face is driving me wild with desire!!!!!!!!
I'm going to ravish your entire body, paying special attention to your fiery, juicy awesome tasting pussy. Just thinking about driving my tongue as far as I can into your love canal while holding your arms down as you squirm and beg to be let go. Never! I'm going to take you whether you want it or not!! Climbing up to you face, still holding you down, I force my tongue into your mouth and make you suck on it. Making you taste you own hot juices as my cock enters your soaked pussy. I am going
to fuck you long, hard, and deep!! Your cries will fall on deaf ears as I have my way with you over and over again. There's nothing you will be able to do to stop me.
You will be under my total control and I will use you as I see fit. Your pleasures will be what I tell you they will be!! So be prepared and get your mind right, or not, it's up to you. I will forcibly take you on either account. I am only giving you this info because I truly love you, my sultry sex slave. Please don't confuse my love with my primal urges that demand attention. Remember you are mine to do as I please. I can't wait to ravage you!!!! See you tonight.

Love M. (note G signs his e-mail as M, for master)

ps I have lots of things I want to do to you!

Married with Sex version of this whole day